Day 1 – The cycling has started!

sep 6, 2019 | Cycle4europe

Yesterday, on Thursday September 5th, Cycle4Europe and the ride through Europe started. The three initial stages will be taken on by Team BEWiSynbra’s Team 1, consisting of Jonas Colting, Daniel Breece and Peter Algebäck. The route will in three days take them from Skopje in North Macedonia to Sarajevo in Bosnia.

In the last few days, Team BEWiSynbra visited a couple of the homes which will benefit from Cycle4Europe. The visits affected the whole group deeply, which made everyone even more focused on the task ahead.

The ride on Thursday started in Skopje at 11 a.m. Before that, an opening ceremony took place and the team also visited a Macedonian morning television show. After six hours and 144 km, the team reached Peje in Kosovo. The ride went smoothly and passed through an open, hilly landscape. The team where in good spirits throughout the whole ride. When reaching Peje, beautifully located among the mountains in North western Kosovo, the team had taken on a total of 1200 altimeters. During the second stage, the altimeters will be a lot more. Therefor, Jonas Colting, the most experienced in the group, tried to focus on keeping the group on a nice and steady pace throughout the ride on Thursday, to save some energy for the next two stages.

– We kept it nice and easy, which both eliminates the risk of injuries and saves us some energy for the following days. The first day went extremely well and the support from the team is fantastic, Colting said after arriving in Peje.

On Friday morning the team leaves Peje and sets course for Zabljak in Montenegro. 189 km of cycling and a total of 6668 altimeters upwards awaits.


About us

Team BEWiSynbra is an initiative from BEWiSynbra Group to support important projects and raise funds for charitable foundations. Anyone of our employees can participate and we encourage everyone to get involved in some way.     

By cycling together for a good cause, we can make a difference in social sustainability. And at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees.In addition to the health benefits it also helps of get to know each other outside of work.

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