Day 7 – Zagreb to Graz

sep 12, 2019 | Cycle4europe

In Zagreb we thanked Johanna for two wonderful days and welcomed Charlotte Knudsen and Mimmi Rubovci to the team!

The cycling started at 8.30 in heavy traffic were the service cars had a bit if a struggle with staying close to the bikers. But thanks to maps and well-functioning technology the bikers and the service team could meet up outside the town and continue the route together from there. The ever changing roads that varied a lot between uphill and downhill worried the service team a bit though and they weren’t even sure the car would be able to drive everywhere, but in the end it all went well.

About 80 kilometers after leaving Zagreb the team crossed the border to Slovenia. The older border control station was disused and moved. and the car had to take another route, but the bikers wanted to follow the planned route and crossed at the old border anyway. Slovenia offered breath taking views and great roads and the team could accelerate.

Slovenia wasn’t the end goal of the day though, and later in the day the team passed the border to Austria. Soon thereafter it was time for a break in Maribor and the now traditional lunch pizza. After the food break only 55 kilometers remained of of tis day’s route and it was full speed ahead all the way to Graz.

– When we entered Slovenia we left the dirt roads behind, and both Slovenia and Austria offered nice, paved roads. It felt good to be able to go a little faster and to go on an even surface, Team 2 member Martin Flinta said afterwards.

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Team BEWiSynbra is an initiative from BEWiSynbra Group to support important projects and raise funds for charitable foundations. Anyone of our employees can participate and we encourage everyone to get involved in some way.     

By cycling together for a good cause, we can make a difference in social sustainability. And at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees.In addition to the health benefits it also helps of get to know each other outside of work.

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