Day 12 – Dresden to Berlin

sep 17, 2019 | Cycle4europe

The last day for Team Holland and the last day of stage 3 of Cycle4Europe started in Dresden and went through Germany to Berlin, located about 194 kilometers north of Dresden.

Even though it was the last day, Team Holland still had a lot of energy left. The route mostly went on bicycle paths which made it hard for the service team in the car to follow the bikers and they had to turn around in order to re-locate the bikers. It ended up with being the bikers that reached the hotel first. By reaching Germany’s capital, Team Holland had completed their stage.

In Berlin, the fourth and final team joined in, consisting of Peter, Markus, Joakim and Jonas. Both Peter and Jonas also rode the first stage from Skopje to Sarajevo. These four are the ones who will finish Cycle4Europe in Varberg, Sweden.

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Team BEWiSynbra is an initiative from BEWiSynbra Group to support important projects and raise funds for charitable foundations. Anyone of our employees can participate and we encourage everyone to get involved in some way.     

By cycling together for a good cause, we can make a difference in social sustainability. And at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees.In addition to the health benefits it also helps of get to know each other outside of work.

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